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February 1st, 2014 (Orlando, Fla.) – Orlando-based game studio Bigglesworth Studios has announced the development of their first mobile game, Invasion of the Burmese Python. In the game, players are able to experience the Everglades from the perspective of a Burmese python, one of the five largest snake species in the world. Burmese pythons have thrived in the open swamplands of Everglades National Park in South Florida, where they were introduced largely by overwhelmed exotic pet owners. The snake is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia.
Invasion of the Burmese Python is part game and part interactive nature documentary. Through the course of the game, players, controlling a Burmese python with their finger, are on a virtual expedition designed to shed light on invasive species in Everglades National Park by demonstrating the impact these large snakes have on a habitat that is not their natural environment.  Players navigate the swamp, which is populated with plants and native wildlife, attacking and eating as they go.

“At its core the game is about survival,” says Bigglesworth Studios founder James Deter Jr. “These are beautiful, powerful animals that don’t know they aren’t supposed to be there. They aren’t, though, and they’ve become a serious problem for the region. We hope to draw attention to that problem with our game.”

Bigglesworth Studios has created a Rockethub campaign to help fund the project, which part of the fundraising will go to the Everglades Foundation non profit organization. The money will also help the team hire additional developers and artists and support travel to Everglades National Park so they can consult with local herpetologists. View an early sneak peek of the crowd funding video here on YouTube

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James Henry Deter Jr. | Founder at Bigglesworth Studios