Canadian-American artist Sheila Ferguson presents garments from her Fall/Winter 2011 collection as well as showcasing several of her couture costumes, just in time for the Halloween season.She designs one-of- a- kind costumes, gowns, and swimwear for clients on an individual basis. Her designs are fresh and edgy, yet vintage inspired.  Her unique sense of design and her refusal to ever duplicate her work make her very marketable for the woman who wants her own individual clothing.  Sheila Ferguson started JealousyJane after studying studio art at Indiana University from 1999- 2005, although her design skills were always very present even as a child.  Sheila Ferguson has been considered an “underground artist” until this year. Her designs have appeared in the televised Trashion ReFashion Show in Bloomington, Indiana, featuring designs made of trash or refashioned materials. She has also been featured in several art shows all over Indiana this year, and her client list in growing. She has worked with Spark Art Photography and artist Gina King and the list is growing.  “I’ve put a lot of work into being a “non-starving artist”. My websites have much more traffic now and my client list is getting larger by the day. I have started working with some of the big-wig photographers and artist here in Indianapolis, and my work is really getting noticed now.  It’s time to get the word out and let people see my talents at work.”  Sheila Ferguson, owner/designer, JealousyJane Couture
To view examples of her work, visit www.jealousyjane.com and come out and see for yourself!