I'm collaborative, intuitive, engaging and resourceful, with abundant positive energy and an innate desire to make a meaningful impact on the world via the art of life. Every day is a privilege to live fully and I’m intent on doing just that!

My diverse work and community leadership experiences have provided a productive landscape for me to enhance quality-of-life in ways small and great. My wide-ranging skills in Marketing & Communications, Public Relations, Event Planning, Social Media, Promotions, Modeling, and more come with a penchant for writing to tie it all together. Wearing a variety of hats is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and I continually seek new ways to contribute and share my gifts.

Venturesome, inquisitive, and highly expressive, I’m always seeking new ways to tap into my creative reservoir and passion for meaningful initiatives and causes. I connect quickly with others with a natural ability to cultivate and sustain dynamic, meaningful partnerships. Integrity, respectful attention, and mindfulness are always present in the relationships I form in both my work and personal life.