Jenius Auto Ads is the nation's premier vehicle advertising agency. We take dynamic, targeted ad campaigns directly to your customers with colorful, call to action ads, on our fleet of vehicles, in your targeted demographic.

We are a culture on the move and vehicle advertising is one of the most effective and efficient forms of advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Forget about antiquated, expensive and ineffective direct mail campaigns, envelopes stuffed with coupons that are never seen and end up in the trash! Try something fresh, innovative, affordable and most of all - EFFECTIVE! More exposure equals more customers ... it works, it's that simple!

Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. Jenius Auto Ads provided mobile marketing for your business on our fleet of vehicles, in your targeted demographic, exposing your fantastic business to thousands of potential clients every single day... we go where your clients are!

It's a fact that vehicle marketing costs a fraction of what traditional forms of advertising costs and is remembered long than traditional methods, several days as opposed to minutes or hours.

"96% of respondents say vehicle advertising is more effective than traditional direct mail advertising." - Outdoor Advertising Magazine

At Jenius Auto Ads, our mission couldn't be more simple: offer the most cost-effective advertising platform to small businesses with simple, direct, effective ads on our fleet of vehicles.

Our focus is on providing a valuable service, helping our clients succeed and surpassing their expectation. We specialize in non-traditional outdoor advertising because with decades of experience in the industry, we have found UNRIVALED value in mobile advertising... it works! Businesses have been placing signs on their own vehicles for years - why not double, triple or quadruple the positive effect with several vehicles exposing your business to thousands of potential clients every single day!