Jennifer works with CMG Financial,  and received her license in February of 2012, in the state of Colorado.  Jennifer started her career, not in the mortgage industry, but as a computer programmer.  

Her first job while finishing up her computer science degree was working at MapQuest as an Internet engineer.  After gaining a year of experience with the biggest map maker of the time, she switched gears to writing software for a variety of satellite programs while working for defense contractor Raytheon.

As the current Executive Director of BNI in Northwest Colorado, she is a master networker.  She not only uses those skills to build amazing relationships with clients and referral partners alike,  she has phenomenal resources to help clients and contacts.

This new career as a mortgage loan originator comes after some serious soul searching on how to ring in the New Year of 2012.  As many may be talking about the world ending, Jennifer firmly believes that things are just getting started, and this next year is set to be a year of tremendous change and growth, especially in the real estate market.

CMG Company History:  CMG Financial is a privately held company that was founded in 1993.  It is headquartered out of San Ramon, CA with the local Grand Junction Branch being managed by David Vindiola.  CMG Financial employs over 400 people, and lends in over 40 states.

CMG Financial’s mission it to facilitate home ownership through offering an array of financial services, including mortgage banking and correspondent lending.