Jensen's Community Pharmacy is a locally owned and operated pharmacy.  Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of every patient that comes through our doors and the community at large.  We strive to achieve this goal through our services, programs and dedication. Our experienced team of professionals are always available to answer questions including prescription medication counseling and over the counter medication consultations.  We carry a large assortment of over the counter products,home medical items, diabetic supplies and diabetic footwear.  We also rent crutches, walkers and wheelchairs on a weekly rate.  
Beyond the standard prescription items, we offer prescription compounding services.  This is the practice of creating individualized medication preparations for both humans and animals.  We get the active medications in a pure form and can incorporate them into many different dosage forms and strengths.  We can exclude dyes or inactive ingredients that certain individuals can be allergic to.  Working with your doctor or veterinarian we can customize a medication to suit your or your pet's specific need when a commercially available will not.