Jerome Mayne is an international public speaker and trainer on fraud and ethics.  His past clients include associations and Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.  His books, training videos and presentations  help thousands of business professionals, corporate Americans and students make the right decisions, when the right decisions aren't easy.

Your personal stories and your message captured and entertained the audiences at two of our biggest corporate events of the year.  You really drove home how seemingly innocent rationalizations can land us in big trouble - especially those of us entrusted with "other people's money. 
Greg Strohm - Regional Director of Quality, Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Keynotes, Workshops - Ethics and Fraud

One of my presentations is titled Fraud & Consequences. It includes my real life story as a former white collar criminal; an entrepreneur who crossed the line. My story explodes into a nightmare of FBI investigations, federal court and finally prison. This presentation will eliminate the "gray areas" that exist in today's, business-as-usual, corporate culture. This presentation is a real life lesson in corporate ethics.

 es anAssociation of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 17th Annual Fraud Conference in Las Vegas - TOP RATED SPEAKER (second only to Ben Stein)  ACFE conference survey - survey results.


Serious and Humorous Public Speaker

I am serious because I have powerful keynotes on serious issues, but I make the information easy to digest because it is presented in a humorous fashion. Most of the time my presentations and workshops qualify for continuing education credit as well as professional designation credit.

Oftentimes when professionals think of ethics or fraud presentations and classes, they think, “Boring.” Not with me and not with my presentations and workshops. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your next event. If I am the right fit for you and your organization, I'd like to get the date in my calendar as soon as possible.


Life Saving Lessons: the diary of a white collar criminal

Jerome's intimate account of the events that sent his life into a whirlwind of FBI investigations, federal court and finally prison. He takes the reader through the day to day experiences of being locked away from society. Find out about the characters he meets and the monotonous prison activities that would drive almost any sane man crazy.

Thank you for quite an experience with reading your book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found myself actually crying at times and laughing out loud at other times.  You have a wonderful wit about you.  You are the average American.  Cathy Lindner - Real Estate Agent