Brief Introduction:

Our company engaged in manufacturing the roll forming set of roofing panel and wall panel used for steel construction for many years.
We have developed more than ten series of roll forming machine: series of implicit bite type wall and roof panel production line; series of color steel laminboard production line; series of C/Z Purlin production line with numerical control and punching; PU Composite Board production line;  Series of roofing with or without camber production equipment; Series of hydraulic Guillotine Shear; Series of Bending Machine with numerical control; series of coils of strip strike-off cross shearing unit; Series of coils of strip slitting line and so on.

Main Product :

Roll Forming Machine;
EPS Sandwich Panel Line;
PU Sandwich Panel Line;
C Purlin Roll Forming Machine;
Z Purlin Roll Forming  Machine;
Standing Seam Forming Machine;
Bemo Sheet Forming Machine;
Cold Roll Forming Machine;
Roof Deck Forming Machine;
Floor Deck Forming Machine;
Guardrail Forming Machine;
Glazed Tile Forming Machine;
Corrugated Forming Machine;
Double Layer Forming Machine;
K Span Forming Machine;
Hat Purlin Forming Machine;
Hydraulic Curving Machine;
Roller Shutter Production Line;
Garage Door Production LIne;
Tapered Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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