Welcome to Jessie Bella Boutique. Hello! My name is Jessie Rudick and I'm an Independent Representative for Scent Sations, Inc; Home of Mia Bella and Dermal Renu products.


To provide an opportunity for a better life through unique, high-quality products, excellent compensation and business integrity.

Company Overview

Today, more than ever before, people are adopting “Earth Friendly” attitudes & embracing natural products for healthier lifestyles & homes.

“Go Green” has become a prominent phrase for many companies, and a conscious choice for many families. Our Company is leading the way!

It’s an honor to be partnered with a company that’s dedicated to keeping the environment clean for future generations to enjoy!


Take 3 exploding “Going Green” natural product lines,wrap them up into one dynamic business, and you’ve got a company helping people enjoy life’s simple pleasures in a whole new healthier way!

“Going Green never looked so good, smelled so good, or felt so good!”

General Information

We Represent Three Trend Setting Industries

Candle & Home Fragrance Industry:

Candle sales in the U.S. are estimated at nearly $3 Billion annually, and 80% of all adult Americans bought some type of home fragrance product in the last year. Candles are also a top gift choice for special occasions.

Our company offers gourmet candles made from a blend of natural wax ingredients, and are made from renewable resources. They’re made in the heart of the USA, supporting American jobs, and contributing to the American economy. Everyone who tries our candles tells us they perform so well, they’re the finest candles available … anywhere!

Natural Mineral Cosmetics & Bath & Body:

Our line of natural mineral-based make up is part of a huge expanding market, which at the end of 2006 was worth approximately $36 Billion in the United States alone.

Color cosmetics are a recession-proof industry; an affordable item that women can’t live without … in any economy. Our company offers affordable, healthy, mineral-based cosmetics that don’t clog your pores, or damage your skin. Our healthy mineral make-up can enhance natural beauty with ingredients like soy protein, vitamin E, and natural minerals from the earth.

Natural Mineral Cosmetics certainly introduces a sassier shade to the term “Going Green.” Our Mineral Cosmetics Line is capturing the revolution of a new type of beauty … a beauty that’s natural and proactive!

Designed to restore and rejuvenate your skin’s natural beauty, our Natural Mineral Cosmetics are reinventing the way you look and feel about yourself. Who would’ve thought “Going Green” could look so gorgeous!

Natural Bath & Body …

Empower yourself and others to feel a bit of natural indulgence for the skin with our Natural Cleansing Bars, Hand, Foot & Body Cream and our Foaming Hand Wash. It’s skin care the way nature intended, which feels so right!

Anti-Aging Skin Care

All marketing moves along a certain path … the “path of the baby boomer.” The boomers determine where the markets go.

Unless you’re not watching tv, reading magazines or staying off the internet you can’t help but notice that a certain market is exploding … Anti Aging.

Anti-aging is positioned to grow over 85% in the next 60 months. The boomers are moving through their 50s and 60s right now and doing their best to keep the clock at bay, and to look & feel as young as possible.

Our company offers an exclusive anti-aging skin care line that addresses the most critical factor that causes aging of the skin …glycation. If you’ve never heard of the term glycation, here’s some good information from Wikipedia.

Here’s where you can get information on our company’s cutting edge, anti-glycation skin care line, and read up on the clinical results & testimonials from product users.

Lastly, our company uses gift bags made of TerraSkin, a tree-free paper made of stone. Imagine, protecting nature’s beauty with clean water, clean air, and a clean bag.