A fashion first.  A new jewelry design concept.  Décolletage Jewel Bouquet™   Simply clipping a Jewel Bouquet™ to any bra or swimsuit top will give it that extra pleasant Va-Voom!

Karen Wondra Grisham, owner and creator of Décolletage Jewel Bouquet™ has launched this new jewelry design concept, “The Jewel Bouquet™”.  It is clip on jewelry, designed to fashionably enhance the décolletage (cleavage) of a woman.
Décolletage Jewel Bouquet™ has launched a 30 day crowd funding Kickstarter campaign.  Please watch the Jewel Bouquet 3 minute music fashion video to view the fashions.
Karen's true goal is to embrace this NEW jewelry concept with the Breast Cancer Awareness non-profit organizations and to partner with as many non-profit organizations as possible for fundraising possibilities.  The "Pink Ribbon Jewel Bouquet™' is truly a fashion first.

Many women have said that they would wear a Pink Ribbon or Military Jewel Bouquet™ everyday for the rest of their lives.  The jewelry is clipped so close to their heart, it is truly the newest keepsake jewelry.  Please spread the word and show this new jewelry concept.  
You can find out more information at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/decolletagejewelry/decolletage-jewel-bouquettm-jewelry-for-bras-and-b?ref=email
Web landing page:  http://karenwgrisham.wix.com/jewel-bouquet