Track those calls! Planning your yearly online marketing budget? Are directories knocking at your door asking for renewal? We can help. With the combination of our analytics program and new call tracking program we are now able to offer our clients a cost per valid lead. What does this mean? Let’s say you are spending 1,500 per month on an advertising campaign with a magazine. In your ad you have your phone number as well as an URL someone can go to and learn more about your company. With our new call tracking technology in combination with our current analytics software we are now able to track all leads generated by both website and phone calls. Our tracking system is so advanced that if a customer were to go to your website search through various pages, and then pick up the phone and call. We can report that call and associate it directly to the source which it came from. How does it work? By assigning unique numbers to each advertising campaign your company is currently engaged in, we are able to pull the call through our system before it comes into your office. For instance if someone were to find your company through a Yahoo PPC campaign, the phone number would change throughout your website to associate itself with the Yahoo campaign. When the customer called your company the phone call would be tracked and recorded for analysis in the future. For more information please contact Top Floor Technologies www.topfloortech.com 2425 S. 162nd Street New Berlin, WI 53151 Phone 262.364.0010 Fax 262.364.0015