Specialty hospital located in Vashi, New Mumbai (India) is designed to offer advanced Minimally Invasive care in field of surgical and laparoscopic Gastroenterology, Colo-Proctology, Urology and Ear-Nose-Throat (E.N.T.)

Speciality clinic services-

1. E.N.T.and Hearing clinic- Hearing test (Audiometry) and latest conventional and digital hearing aids

2. Advance piles clinic- painless minimally invasive treatment of piles (DGHAL and piles Stapler surgery)

3. Advance Hernia clinic- open and Laparoscopic Hernia repair.

4.Advance Stone Clinic (Gall bladder & Kidney stone)

5. Endoscopy center- Upper GI scopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Laryngoscopy, nasal endoscopy

6 Thyroid and Breast clinic