Founded in 1991, JIT Containers, Inc has become a premier reusable container and pallet sales and leasing service throughout the United States. Our 30 years of experience in the corrugated container business led us to the realization that there were a growing number of businesses requiring reusable plastic packaging. We responded to this demand and provided our customers with an opportunity to purchase reusable packaging at low costs and also provide leasing options for our high volume customers. Plastic reusable packaging is a great way for companies to reduce product damage or contamination, lower your disposal costs, and improve the overall efficiencies of their outgoing product packaging.

We now offer all items in stock that can be shipped out same day if timing is an issue. Simply put, we listen to you, our customers, and provide the products and services that we guarantee will meet and exceed your expectations!

You can rely on JIT Containers customer service and sales team to find the packaging products and services you need to boost productivity, cut costs, and strengthen the “green” mentality that more companies are adopting as disposing of expendable packaging becomes more costly and less environmentally conscious.

Used container inventory- JIT has a wide variety of used collapsible containers at any given time. Used containers in good condition are always quick to sell so if you see something that will fit your application and budget it is best to buy it before someone else does. JIT's customer service team will make your purchase easy, fast and safe. If you would like we will even make shipping arrangements for you.   We also offer you the ability to sell your used in stock containers through Container Classifieds.  Please call us if you have any questions or concerns at 1-888-934-0905.