JJ’s Every Lil Thing – Unique ‘One-Stop’ Shopping
Experience for Total Health & Wellness

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Phone: 570-266-7708
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JJ’s Every Lil Thing is a unique ‘One-Stop Shopping’ experience that
concentrates on ‘remembering’ the finer details that can make a world of
difference to anyone seeking a more natural routine when it comes to
overall healthy living, and health & wellness. Focusing primarily on the
lifestyles of the ‘young at heart’, those who are ill and healing, and their
caregivers, JJ’s Every Lil Thing provides the essentials; as well as the
resources in order to make growing older…better.
The online store was created in November of 2015 by two women going
through their own health issues, and caring for aging relatives who were
dealing with major health problems as well. Everything from lupus, to heart
conditions, and diabetes - just to name a few.
“JJ’s was born through the cruel realities of aging and facing illness and
affliction through our life’s journey. We are three sisters in Christ who are
facing these said realities in our families, circle of friends and in our own
bodies. Through prayer, we decided to create a web-store that not only sells
products (that we have used, loved, shared, bought, stumbled upon) but that is
informative and supportive as well.”
The web-store handpicks all of the products that are considered to be
helpful to one’s journey through life on a more natural and organic trip.
The website’s resource page is full of info from A to Z on aging, illness,
overall health & wellness, and various healing methods. They also monitor
a prayer line for people looking for support from a much higher source.
Their mission statement is a selection from Proverbs 31. Their aim is to
be virtuous women who desire to make the world a healthier place with a
selection of alternative products and holistic remedies that encourage
better eating; hair-care, and skin care; essential oils, vitamins and
minerals; as well as items of comfort and assistance: such as
aromatherapy, body pillows, and even medical supplies.
For more information visit them online at http://www.jjeverylilthing.com