An unknown yet well-know fitness trainer, expert dietician and author Justin Kavanagh has recently launched his book titled “Total Body Transformation Program”. The book is a 12 week training program that offers you 4 days per week workout program that is designed to build lean muscle and burn unwanted body fat at the same time.

The book is in digital form and can be downloaded easily in form of pdf. As of now, the book can be download only from Justin’s official website (www.justinkavanaghfitness.com) by paying a small one time amount of €9.99. But, a couple of months later the book shall be available to downloaded from other affiliate sites as well.

In the book launch event, Justin says “I am thankful to my viewers, subscribers, friends, fans and trainees who urged me to write this comprehensive book about diets, fitness and bodybuilding. I was a trainer and dietician but now I am also an author and entire credit goes to all of them”.

On questioning about his views on steroids he said “I don’t understand after knowing its adverse effects why do people take it. I just believe in natural bodybuilding and I always teach my trainees to stay away from it”.

Currently Justin gives personal training to people and he plans to open his own gym in the near future. He posts routine articles on his fitness website to teach people how they can get in shape quickly and naturally. He also gives his expert advice on his portal when someone asks him questions related to their fitness issues.

Along with the paid eBook which was launched, he is also giving free eBooks to his website visitors. Those eBooks are about nutrition and workouts.

“My Goal behind the development of my website is to inform people that they can build muscle naturally and transform your physique in a short amount of time. All they have to do is follow my strategies.

I’m also giving away free eBooks, but I go into much greater detail on building muscle and burning fat in paid versions that I offer on my website. It’s just to maintain the website,  as to keep visitors coming back for more helpful information,” says Mr. Kavanagh.

Within a week, the website sold 110 copies of this eBook and is getting popular day by day. Justin plans to release a few more fitness eBooks in the coming year and he is currently working hard on them.

He spends approximately, 3 hours at the gym and around 10 hours in writing articles and eBooks.

Besides writing his own books he spends a good amount of time reading books of other fitness experts. He has also shared his personal reviews about those books on his website.

Justin has also shared his touching story on how he got started in the fitness industry and how he is passionate about bodybuilding and helping others achieve similar results as he did. The story is truly an inspiration to lots of fitness enthusiasts.

For more details visit: www.justinkavanaghfitness.com