In 1987 a  Comedian/ Impressionist from Washington, DC, going by the stage name of Jimmy Stroud founded JLS Productions, 3 years after arriving in Minneapolis, MN. The company name stems from his legal birth name -James Lomax Stroud, Jr. The original mission of JLS productions was centrally focused on being the conduit for any entertainment business transactions for Jimmy Stroud the performer. However,  Stroud recognized how many entertainers and mainly Black Comedians in particular were overlooked, under appreciated, ignored and used sparingly in the white owned clubs in Minnesota, not because they lacked talent and skill, but because of their profile. Stroud used JLS Productions to produce a Black History Month Comedy show on February 1, 1988.  It was called the 1st Twin Cities Black Comedian's Showcase in downtown Minneapolis to a sold out crowd, with a portion of the proceeds going to a local Minneapolis food shelf. Although, JLS productions was working on a shoestring budget, Stroud committed JLS Productions as a benefactor to various Minnesota nonprofit organizations by always giving a portion of the companies' proceeds.  The following year in1989, JLS Productions invited comedian Sinbad to headline, who was one of the newest marquee name entertainers at the time. The event sold out 2 shows and was once again used to promote local, up and coming Black comedians and honor Black History month, as well as benefit the Minnesota Food Shelves. Afterwards, JLS Productions received several consulting contract offers for Marketing and Public Relations, which includes  a variety of areas outside of entertainment. For example, newly invented products, Radio Shows, an Internationally recognized Community Art Project, an SBA approved Community Micro-loan Program and various theater and musical concert productions. In 1994, Stroud used his skills as a Playwright, Actor, Comedian/ Impressionist / Producer and developed 7 original characters, wrote 7 vignettes , and  produced a comedy/drama/social commentary one-man show entitled 'How Ya Like Me Now?" at the world famous Guthrie Theater in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday Celebration. After receiving rave revues and touring with "How Ya Like Me Now?", Stroud stepped away from JLS Productions on a long hiatus to commit more time for family matters. Now in it's 33rd year, JLS Productions, Inc  and James L. Stroud, Jr are back with a new weekly Podcast Project entitled BLACK INVENTORS 365 (Past, Present & Future). Which is a collaboration with his brother Cedric M. Stroud, who is the CEO and founder of the African American History Publishing Company, LLC, and expert researcher, historian and writer. Cedric Stroud has gathered over 40 years of nationwide research, interviews and documents to created one of the largest repositories of Black Inventor history in the country. Which created the opportunity for the Stroud brothers to co-host the Black Inventions 365 podcast.