JMF Capital was founded in 1986 in Tokyo by a team of specialists in Investment Research, Asset Management and Financial Advice spearheaded by Joseph Michael Francis. The aim of the founders was to create a bespoke investment advice, capital management and asset allocation services.

In the late 1980’s JMF Capital achieved exceptional performance from our clients’ invested capital with investments in leading and emerging companies. The companies we invested in included Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Sony, produced outstanding investment performance for our clients.

Under the leadership of Joe Francis, the firm expanded throughout the 1990’s to become a leading Investment Research, Management and Advisory Company working for hedge fund managers, professional investors, pension trustees and private investors around the globe.

In 1995 Michael Francis joined his uncles as a Partner of the firm, and in 1997 Charlie Tse became Chief Investment Officer at JMF Capital. During the late 1990’s JMF Capital were successful in investing in some of the companies that were to lead the internet, technology, communications and leisure sectors over the next decade.

In 2002 Joe Francis retired and Michael Francis was appointed as Senior Partner, continuing in the tradition of the firm to build a range of services which were relevant in 21st Century. The firm has expanded its operation to become a leading player within our sector. JMF Capital is proud of our 25 year history and is looking forward to serving clients for many years to come.