J&M International Inc. offers a complete online global social network for business to enhance the way businesses make contact, interact and conduct their business. This solution allows businesses to connect its Board, Partners, VP's, all of its managers, other departments, branches as well as suppliers and distributors. It is a clean, neat and professional website called Kambyu.com.  Kambyu.com has been tailor made from the user point of view to ensure ease of use.  Kambyu.com does not allow any advertisements on the site that may distract the user from being able to concentrate and conduct their business.

The problem is that businesses are having to utilizing multiple websites where each specializes in a specific type of business communication or data storage tool.  Each one of these websites can cost $50 per month or more.

Kambyu.com is the supercenter of online business networking.  Kambyu.com has taken eight needed business tools and put them all in one clean, neat and professional website that allows its users the ability to accomplish their daily business tasks from home, office or when they happen to be traveling.  We are able to keep our cost to the user less than that of our competition, but at the same time we have kept the usability, functionality and quality at the highest level possible.

Kambyu.com allows a business to connect its Board of Advisors, its Board of Directors, the Partners, the VP's, all of the managers, other departments, other branches as well as its suppliers and distributors and any other business contact.  The user has the choice of who and how many users the company requires.

A company may have their own website. They might be using a website for their videoconferencing, another company for their document storage and sharing another for networking.  Most websites are limited in the number of business tools that they offer.  Kambyu.com is tailor made for the business community to network and conduct business with no limitations in the number of companies you can contact.

Kambyu.com offers its users: Videoconferencing, instant messaging, Document storage, Document sharing and collaboration, Member Mail messaging system between users, business networking, the ability to post company updates and a personal calendar/events page.

We do this because this is how business should be done.