About JMPR

Approach.  At JMPR, we have a concentrated approach to how we operate.  No cookie-cutter campaigns here.  Everything we do requires extensive research, industry/audience analysis, and strategic planning and positioning to achieve the best results.    

Reputation.  We delve deep, but present straightforward outcomes for all parties to understand.  We have a reputation of providing our clients with an honest assessment of public opinion that aligns with overall objectives—-a hallmark that has earned us the respect of numerous industry professionals.

Creativity.  We don’t think in terms of boxes when taking on a project.  In fact, our creativity can flow when sitting by the box, sleeping in the box, or standing outside the box.   Our creative caps are always on.  We’re always in thinking mode.  And if it would help us concentrate more, we’ll even put the box on top of our heads.

Competitiveness.  We offer our clients a complete array of public relations strategies that fit the well-seasoned, but do not overlook the newcomer.   No, no, no…..we can’t cut out the little guy.  The grassroots organization that is trying to spread the word about a holiday food drive needs us.  And we understand low to no funding, and the failing economy.  That is why our campaigns are tailored according to each client’s budget.  

Commitment.  Our commitment goes way beyond the written agreement.  In fact, we don’t even make written agreements to projects where there’s no interest or where our beliefs are challenged.  Upon the handshake, our commitment becomes professionally personal.  It is not unusual for us to walk the last mile of a Juvenile Diabetes Walk that we’ve planned.

Our Services

Fundraising.  We have made fundraising one of our premier services.  Whether its seeking funding opportunities on the local, state, and Federal level (yes, we have extensive experience reviewing grants—we know what they’re looking for!); organizing celebrity charity events; benefit drives, or; simply soliciting individual donors….JMPR has you covered.  

Media Relations. Working with the media is the heartbeat of every external communications program.  We provide media relations that can range from proactive research and issues response, to tracking and pitching coverage opportunities, to developing media kits and online press rooms, to writing and distributing a single press release.  Our media relations services are limitless.

Publicity.   At JMPR, our ears are always at the pavement waiting to jump on an opportunity to publicize our client’s products and/or services.  Our strategies aren’t limited to media calendars, public appearances, or creating and pitching angles.  Nope.  We’re always in creative mode.

Cause-Related Marketing.  JMPR uses strategic methods to build partnerships with our clients and nonprofit entities of causes that they hold dear to their heart.  Partnering with a cause is a sure way of building an image of good will and integrity.  We also have the expertise to develop and manage personalized nonprofit organizations for our clients such as foundations and community centers.

Community Relations.  Community involvement builds a great public image and fosters a sense of teamwork.  Whether it’s a crime prevention initiative, urban renewal project, or scholarship program, we assess our client’s objectives with the needs of the community, and establish the partnerships accordingly.

Event Management.  An international women’s conference or an intimate listening party for a local artist—no event is too big or small for JMPR.  Managing events is more than having a fun-filled soiree where social butterflies rub elbows.  Putting all of the pieces together on a strict budget, tight deadline, and sometimes with limited resources take skill.  At JMPR, we do it all the time.

Crisis Communications.  We move quickly, assessing the situation and controlling the damage in a competent and credible manner.  Whether the problem is a mis-management of funds by a well-respected public figure or a personal issue leaked, we help our clients put the right spin on the situation, thread in the media when needed, and develop strategies to restore the good name.

Marketing Collateral.  We tell our client’s story boldly and vibrantly.  Whether in a full-color publication with photos, charts, and graphs, or on a sleek 4×6 postcard with a catchy tagline, we create collateral pieces that serve as keepsake items for all who receive.  Our marketing collateral is not limited to paper pieces.  We can put a message on a Q-tip, too.  

Copywriting.  Writing is the bulk of what we do.  The ability to translate technical features into client benefits is the key to any form of public relations writing…..and we’re able to do it.   Whether its feature stories,  taglines, website content, fact sheets, liner notes, bios…we can write it.