At JMS Capital Management, we specialize in the affairs of our clients. As a full-service, independent wealth management firm, we deliver access to professional investment advice and wealth-management planning and services with a thoughtful integration of tax, retirement, long-term care, income replacement, lifestyle, estate and financial planning considerations. Our clients are individuals, families, high net-worth individuals, small-, and mid-sized businesses, trusts and estates. While we are visionary enough to potentially identify unique or little-known investment opportunities for our clients, we are not captive to any large Wall Street brokerage house, hedge fund or money-center bank, or, for that matter, to any of the latest fads or trends in the investment world.

JMS Capital Management principals and advisors have guided their clients with steady, principled advice throughout decades of changing economic, business and regulatory climates.

We are here for the long-term, and our clients recognize our commitment and dedication to them. Our client assets, our affiliations and our resources make us large enough for the most sophisticated investor, and our close-knit professional team and deliberately moderate size allow us to be nimble and agile enough to provide personal, individualized service to even our smallest client.

JMS Capital Management has been committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and integrity. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals with objective, unbiased recommendations and complete fee transparency.

JMS Capital Management is located in West-suburban, Naperville, Illinois and serves clients across the U.S.