As an independently Woman Owned Business, we developed our process to make marketing Mission Possible. We use time tested marketing strategies to meet business objectives + executing the marketing plan. Our experience allows us to attain business goals creatively, quickly and efficiently. We present business solutions which are creative, energetic, and fun. Clients know to expect creative and professional marketing solutions that surpass expectations with Service Excellence + Detailed + One Stop Solutions.

“Making your ideas come to life can feel like Mission Impossible. But trust me, it’s POSSIBLE. We can help." - Joanne Klee | Owner & Founder

Joanne Klee is an Award Winning Marketing Guru creative at her core, making it Mission Possible since 2005. As Owner of her firm, Joanne Klee Marketing, she is a Marketing Guru with over 20 years experience. A Professional providing the strategy, thought leadership & results. She helps businesses create and manage business opportunities with proven marketing strategies. Come to Joanne for expertise.

Joanne Klee's experience has afforded her a broad background working with countless clients which allows her to excel at managing your needs + communicating with stakeholders + maintaining meticulous attention to detail + ensuring each aspect of your plan is executed efficiently and promptly.

Joanne maintains excellent relationships within the MARKETING AND EVENTS community. In this people driven industry, Joanne's extensive network allows her to accelerate the delivery process, enabling efficiency, accuracy, and proven results. Maintaining strong relationships with clients and associates to build success.


Joanne and her network of talent provide SERVICE EXCELLENCE to help you accomplish marketing plans to attain your business objectives by providing access to the critical marketing strategies and the project management to get business done quickly and efficiently.

Joanne Klee's career expertise allows for the DETAILED  management of the creative process, and the business elements from the budget, vendor oversight, negotiations, and the little touches you request.

Joanne Klee's extensive experience allows her to provide you with ONE STOP SOLUTIONS for all your planning and project needs.

Joanne Klee Marketing provides services to successfully meet the needs of celebrities, business owners, professionals, non-profits and individuals. Our approach allows flexibility to work independently or as part of a team.

All marketing services are customized. Some clients arrive knowing every detail and others request proposals for ideas to review trends and make menu selections. You don't get a "to do list" (unless you want one). Joanne reviews your needs and acts on the best strategies to get the job done.

Joanne has led marketing departments at high-growth financial institutions. Her experience spans from exciting million-dollar retail advertising campaigns down to low-cost grassroots initiatives. All her marketing initiatives need to make solid business sense along with the creative brand expression. As a corporate project leader, she maintained a P&L + developed return on Marketing investment (roMi) protocol. Spanning her tenure, Joanne Klee was a Mergers and Acquisitions liaison at growth-driven financial institutions, including De Novo "Go To Market" Strategy.

Joanne applies her wealth of marketing creativity + financial training to her own firm, making these talents accessible to her clients. Joanne's financial background gives her the knowledge to streamline purchasing, develop creative + create unique advertising strategies alongside an event series, to drive revenue + new client business. Joanne's personal tailored approach is designed to successfully meet the needs of making your vision a reality. She's is the bridge to marketing solutions and increased revenue.

·     Outstanding Business Partner Award 2009. Better Boys Foundation.
·     Top Marketer 2005. Fifth Third Bank.
·     Tempo Award 2004. Chicago Association of Direct Marketers.
·     President's Award 1999. Old Kent Bank.

As a proven self starter, you will experience Joanne's personal tailored approach, designed to successfully meet the needs of making your vision a reality. Joanne is the bridge providing client access to management of the process and the finely tailored collaboration of people involved in your plan. Visit the located at the https://joannekleemarketing.com/contact-us/ site.