JoblessWarrior.org is a free website that connects our returning military veterans with Volunteers from private industry to help these heroes, who have risked all to protect our way of life, to get the good jobs that they and their families deserve.

There are many great governmental and nonprofit organizations providing job assistance to veterans and we applaud them for their efforts. We are confident that there is an additional, untapped reservoir of goodwill throughout the country that will help us toaugment existing programs for our heroic Jobless Warriors. This website is free to use - and always will be - for everyone: veterans, career professionals, employers, other businesses and citizen volunteers.

Our mission is  to end unemployment & underemployment for our heroic warriors and enhance the start of their post-military careers by improving their job search effectiveness with one-on-one, professional support and other essential career resources.

Our philosophy is: Give a Veteran a job and he or she will work today. Teach a Veteran how to get a job and he or she will work for a lifetime.