Jobomax builds homes - enduring symbols of security and comfort - thus helping West Africans achieve their dreams through sustainable, job-creating, infrastructure-building investment in the land of their birth. We constantly strive to delight our clients with our service, our financing options, our execution of beautiful, durable homes, and our ability to make the home construction process easy, reliable, and satisfying.  For more information about our work, visit www.jobomax.com, or contact us at info@jobomax.com.

Jobomax  is building residential and mixed use developments for working families in West Africa. We are bringing production home building techniques to drive out waste in a region where home construction can often take a decade or more, cutting that time to 6 months or less.  By using a combination of local and international technology to improve building practices, we minimize environmental impact and reduce costs. Jobomax is using innovative financing partnerships to allow middle class West Africans to achieve home ownership as much as ten years faster than might otherwise be possible. We provide value-added technology to our homes, including water service, power backup, and mosquito-killing paint additives, to provide lodging that is not only affordable but also conducive to comfort and health in a tropical, malaria-endemic region. Finally, our efforts to address the 20,000,000+ unit housing deficit in West Africa provide significant training and capacity-building for local staff and subcontractors, as well as employment opportunities - in some cases more than 500 man-days per home built.