About the JobProsper Part Time and Work from Home Expo:  Produced by Prosperiti Partners, Inc. the JobProsper Part Time & Work from Home Expo is an employment networking event that brings together part-time and home-based job opportunities in one venue at various cities across the United States. NetWork Expo is the entry point to the part-time and work-from-home job market, one tailored entirely to stay at home parents and retirees.  While work from home opportunities can be difficult to find and to understand, JobProsper Expo makes it easy. For a full list of event locations and dates, visit www.jobprosperexpo.com.  

About Prosperiti Partners, Inc: Evolved from an event and marketing firm Prosperiti Partners is now a company with the mission to help families find jobs balance home and career.  Through an intricate net of online products, events, education, outreach and professional development, Prosperiti Partners is helping women and men increase their income without sacrificing quality of life. Founding Partners include: Susan Powell, Noelle Frieson, Jennifer Colamedici and Caesar Alfano.

JobProsper Part Time & Work from Home Expo
(Formerly the NetWork Part Time & Work from Home Expo)
Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Renaissance Hotel
Elizabeth, NJ
Register at: www.jobprosperexpo.com