The business was established in 2008 to cater for the needs of previously disadvantaged unemployed black South African youth. The only Job Search website that is created by a panel of HR Managers and supported by the Department of Education. The business offer educational books on career guidance and business preparation books for students and fresh graduates. The digital books can be ordered from internet and also ordered from most online bookstores and offline from any reputable bookstores worldwide.

“What they didn’t teach you in school: Life long learning tips to land a job straight out school” addresses the lack of proper career guidance and lack of preparation and job readiness by the youth.  This book is also ideal to the working person who wants to switch jobs.“What they didn’t teach you in school: Life long learning tips to land a job straight out of school” has become a students companion and it complements the life orientation and student counselling offered by most schools and universities.
“Business Prep Guide: Everything the business gurus never tell you in their expensive seminars and inadequate books” is targeting ambitious young adults who have an eye for business. These are the youth who cannot stand the idea of sitting in a cubicle for eight hours. The book is written in such a way that it easily caters for both school leaving high school students and fresh graduates alike and go beyond and offer the fundamental issues, such as preparation, planning and basic business start-up information that they need to know before starting a  business.

“Boost your sales and attract new customers” is a sequel to "Business Prep Guide", its aim is to build on the foundation laid out in "Business Prep Guide”. The rational in writing this book was to ensure that the youth are not left to fend for themselves once they have set up their business. It offers over 50 unique marketing strategies that are aimed to further assist young entrepreneurs to sharpen their marketing skills.

“The Complete Building Blocks Guide to Successful Business Marathon" is a revised version which combines both the "Business Prep Guide" and "Boost your Sales and Attract New Customers” books. This comprehensive guide provides the reader with all the information she needs, from conceptualization, birth and growth that is,  planning, starting and growing your business.

 All four books are offered as digital books located at: http:www.mystudent4life.com; http://www.longlife4learning.com; http://www/businesslearning4life.com and also as print-based books obtainable internationally in reputable bookstores including Amazon.com.
Author of books: Justice Mandhla