Launched in the year 2009, Jobs In A Jiffy is the newest kid on the block as far as job portals go. While interacting with a number of start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises in India, a need was felt for a complete solution to their hiring requirements. With this job site, the will to address this need is complemented by a competent technological backbone to present a refreshing new choice to employers – a choice that understands current market situations and offers relevant options

Based out of Mumbai, India, Jobs In A Jiffy is the latest entrant into the Virtual Ladder Resource Solutions family. Jobs In A Jiffy is backed by a management team having more than 15 years of combined experience in fields as diverse as finance, banking, embedded and application software development, pre-sales, sales and marketing.

Our Focus Areas

Contract Hiring
Many companies that cut back to bare bones staff during the worst of the recession are now beginning to hire contract workers. Contract hiring makes sense when the economic situation is still volatile and a company does not want to commit its financial resources to a full-time permanent hire. Also, contract employees are usually brought on board with the idea of handling one set project or providing a select skill set. So the process of hiring a contract employee is usually a little more streamlined as well.

Just-In-Time Hiring
Today, the key focus of talent acquisition teams has changed from hiring generic skilled resources as strategic buffers to meet future ramp-ups to hiring just-in-time based on business demand. This ensures that lead times are reduced for new employees and costs are reduced for the company since they are not maintaining a bench. Just-in-time hiring is fast becoming the watch word in many companies and is a beneficial trend that is set to embed itself firmly into the recruitment industry.

Consulting / Freelancing
Becoming a freelancer requires a great deal of domain experience, commitment, integrity, flexibility and confidence. Though the going might be tough initially, returns can be very good provided a freelancer is good at the job and enterprising enough. To become and independent consultant, a person has to have a command over his field of experience and a relatively good network in the industry. Freelancing and consulting may form a small percentage of the recruitments in India, but recent trends show more professionals inclined towards them.