JockSpin.com™ is a categorized sports news aggregator and publisher owned and operated by Florida based JockSpin LLC. The site fetches news from over a thousand sources, performing checks for new articles every few minutes, adds in articles from JockSpin’s writers, then displays the headlines in a convenient headline block format, with the most recent headlines for teams displayed in blocks for each on league and regional pages. This fan-centric layout has been thoughtfully designed to align the delivery of sports news with the interests of sports fans, which generally concentrate on specific teams within particular sports as opposed to simply all sports.

Registered users of the site have the ability to customize their home pages to display only headlines for their favorite teams and sports. Additionally, users with customized home pages can elect to receive the most recent headlines for their chosen teams and sports each morning. Even without registering, the site is cleverly structured to be as useful as possible to sports fans, with not only league sections displaying underlying teams, but also regional pages with headlines for teams within a particular market.

All syndicated headlines link directly to their respective sources, allowing for easy access to the actual publishers of the articles, a more civil and less greedy practice that we believe is consistent with how sports fans want to access their news, and with what we believe to be fair treatment and benefit for the content publishers. It is also consistent with one of our key objectives, to increase traffic for the publishers to whose articles we are linked. All JockSpin written articles are original, not copied from others or article mills.

With dozens of engineering, content, and marketing initiatives underway, JockSpin seeks to be a major player in the truly massive sports media market. We’ve come a long way, with hundreds of minor upgrades and adjustments, several of which involved signficant design or functionality upgrades, but we know have a long way to go. We’re on the way.

“If you plan to win as I do, the game never ends.” ~ Stan Mikita