Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn produces the highest quality, most delicious popcorn you will ever eat, because we pop it fresh every day in small batches, using the finest ingredients. All flavors are carefully crafted to delight the palate. We have over 20+ flavors – from sweet, such as Caramel Corn and Cinnamon Toast, to indulgent flavors like Chocolate Drizzle and Cloud 9, to the savory Double Cheddar and Cheesy Jalapeño.

Jody's popcorn is gluten-free, whole grain, Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union, a Virginia Finest product, made with non-GMO popcorn kernels and free of preservatives. Our corn is grown with minimal tillage and good crop rotation practices by carefully vetted growers, who are committed to adhering to sustainable farming. This makes our popcorn healthier for you AND the environment.

Do you want a custom or private labeled popcorn? Not a problem! Custom-labeled popcorn is available for orders as small as 48 bags, with only a minimal additional charge! The custom labeled popcorn is used by small gift shops to promote their store name or a local tourist attraction, as well as by large museums and theme parks.

The popping began in 2005 when Jody and her husband, Alan, realized that Virginia Beach, a beautiful resort community, was missing fresh caramel corn. Determined to create a caramel corn more delicious than anything they had ever tasted, they made batch after batch, until the recipe was just right. Their motto was “Amazing or Bust.” After 53 tries they arrived at “Amazing”—Recipe 53 Caramel Corn! Jody’s still puts its popcorn through the same demanding process, to achieve amazing flavors.

The company is a certified small, woman-owned business and maintains a strong commitment to support community groups.