Antoinette M Watkins writes under the pen name Johanna Sparrow, she has been writing for over 17 years and has published a variety of books from children's books to self-help books dealing with relationship, personal growth and conflict issues.  She uses her expertise, knowledge and experience on a system she's created and used over the years dating back as far as 1995 in improving relationship issues, called the (HBCCR)© Heart Bruised Conscious Connection Renewal codes which we either have or don't have inside of us.

In 2015 Johanna Sparrow will release for the first time her powerful and inspiring HBCCR system she's created for the rest of the world in hopes that we all can find a common goal or ground within our daily connections. She has researched and studied over the years connections between human to human and human to nature interactions in which she concluded in her research how understanding ones connections and disconnections in life is the essential step code and laws for love, happiness and tragedy, governing and guiding us in becoming life's greatest or worse creation to ever exist.
I love helping others understand and find ways in making their relationships stronger. I write  from my experiences, life situations with others and research. I find that many people struggle with forming and keeping healthy relationships that last a lifetime.

I am here to teach you how to hold on or even let go of troubling relationship's in your life through my HBCCR method of Step coded laws I've created and developed in making those right decisions that's within us all. It doesn't matter if you or struggling with issues of dating, marriage, friendships, family, career, personal growth are tragedy, you can still keep those relationships intact and I am here to help you do just that. I've been through many difficult situations that's tested my mind, heart and strength all within the last thirty something years of  my life and  I've overcome them all. Now I am ready to show you how to be an overcomer no matter what's going on in your life.

"Sometimes your tragedy is your best feature." - Johanna Sparrow ©