John Millar is a Business and Executive Trainer and the Managing Director, Senior Trainer and Training Content Developer with More Profit Less Time Pty Ltd. Among his many other business interests John is proud to have been an associate of most successful team of Business and Executive coaches in the world.

Recognised in 2010 in the top 50 of over 1300 collegues in 31 countries, John has over 25 years of hands- on Ownership, management, training and entrepreneurial experience in a broad range of industry sectors which include, but is not limited to – Retail, Wholesale, Import, Export, IT, Trades and Trade Services, Automotive, Primary Production, Food Services, Transport, Manufacturing, Professional Services, the Fitness Industry and more.

He has also had extensive experience in providing custom and pre prepared training and development programs for small – medium and a variety of publicly listed companies. An accomplished and talented public and professional speaker he has also undertaken mentoring and sales / management activities with businesses with a turnover under $100k per annum, over $100 million turnover, and everything in between with great success.

He is also highly experienced in detailing with franchisors and franchisees to help them achieve maximum results that only an outsider looking in can perceive.

John has a strong work ethic and firmly believes in a true work-life balance and is married with 6 beautiful children.