The objective of our firm is to provide business owners with accurate, timely and affordable business valuation reports.  Our firm is dedicated exclusively to determining the value of businesses.  We employ experienced CPA’s, CVA’s and valuation technicians.
We issue two types of business valuation reports.  The internet-based report enables clients to enter data via our web site and receive a full business valuation report within five days.  The site visit report requires a visit to the company and is intended for complex matters such as litigation support, court-ready reports, mergers & acquisitions and other intricate cases.            
The business valuation section provides valuable information about business valuation concepts.  This section provides a roadmap of business valuation.  It covers the history, process, purposes, standards, premises, levels, approaches, methodologies, premium & discount analysis, sources of authority, sources of obtaining information and a glossary.  Our sample report generally exemplify the actual reports we issue.  View our blog for current business valuation updates and recent court decisions.