At Johnson Securities Inc. with an accumulated 40 year experience of our officers, partners, managers, employees and agents and their constant attempt at perfection when managing client portfolios have attained funds under management in excess of $6.7 Billion and counting: This allows us to give our clients a thorough, professional and hands on approach to managing their hard earned money and turning them into a profitable retirement nest egg for the future. As a truly integrated financial services provider, to our clients we offer a breadth of specialization, extending to investment research and broking in commodities, precious metals, foreign exchange, securities, futures, bonds, and financial services including insurance planning, unit trusts, hedge funds and fund management.

Our investment professionals engage in providing value added services for our institutional clients as well as offering comprehensive research and strategic analysis. Through our offices we execute our retail business by means of divisions that include securities, futures, financial services, capital management and private equity with a particular focus on International Asset Management.