The John Webber Agency has handled matters ranging from highly personal to very public. Whatever Your needs, we have the knowledge and experience to see it through.

We are Your personal liaison in 3rd Party Communications. We get to know Your matter in great detail, and when the time arises, we are there for You in Your absence. Our clients are usually high net worth private individuals who wish to have a personal liaison in situations that do not require traditional legal representation.

We represent clients who wish to keep their identities confidential, whether it involves a business or real-estate inquiry, a personal inquisition, or the personal introduction You are seeking. We have a wide range of personal and business contacts worldwide, and will utilize them for You when necessary. Whatever Your situation calls for, the John Webber Agency will be there for You and will obtain the results that You desire.

At the John Webber Agency, we pride ourselves in being Your Alter-Ego. No matter what the task is, we will see it through to meet Your highest expectations.