There are amazing people everywhere who are committed to solving the world’s problems. These passionate individuals represent hundreds of organizations that level the playing field for millions around the globe. Join-A-Cause is an online giving platform that allows non-profits, charities and socially conscious organizations access to a large pool of donors who believe in giving back.

Join-A- Cause believes, grassroots non-profit organizations struggle to reach donors due to lack or resources.  The site, free to the nonprofit, provides a single platform allowing donors to research and support the listed organizations with their time, talent and funds.

Join-A-Cause gives donors a access to local, national and international organizations who struggle for financial support. We provide detailed information and access to the creative projects, social justice fighters and grassroots organizations that are challenged to reach their monetary and volunteer goals each year.

Join-A-Cause vets each and every organization ensuring your donations are being used appropriately and are tax- deductible and satisfy IRS guidelines.