Jolkona is a start-up tech non-profit that provides a solution for people who are looking for a way to give back and want to make sure they are making a difference. Through their micro-giving web platform, Jolkona.org, individuals can find low cost, high impact projects that they’re passionate about, and receive tangible proofs of impact for every donation. They work with chosen partner organizations to create affordable donation options with a measurable impact, from planting trees in Honduras to providing food and housing for an HIV-positive child in Cambodia, with 100% of donations going to the projects chosen.

Jolkona’s mission is to connect people with global philanthropic opportunities and show the impact of one’s donations. They launched the website to the public in June 2009 with a goal of making giving more fun, transparent and engaging for all donors, regardless of age or income. Today they have over 100 projects in more than 40 countries around the world doing grassroots work in the areas of education, public health, empowerment, environment, and cultural preservation.

Jolkona is powered by the support of 2 fulltime staff and over 20 skilled young professional volunteers. Together with their donors, Jolkona is cultivating the next generation of philanthropists by showing that you can make a difference today. To learn more visit http://www.jolkona.org/.