My name is John Hunter, me and my wife have some amazing news to share with you. New technology that is crossing America, please watch the video.
Winalite is a network marketing company who has grown to 1.5 million distributors in the Asian countries in just 2 years with the number 1 income earner making over $400,000 a week. The company has just come to North America and in 8 weeks there's over 10,000 distributors with 2 people making over $10,000 a week.

Winalite has created a feminine napkin superior to any in the world, it has 3 times the absorption and an ionic strip that eliminates odor, bacteria and some women have said their menstrel cramps have been minimized allowing them to sleep at night. This is why they have captured 15% of the market share and Johnson & Johnson's market share has dropped from 30% to 12% in the Asian countries.

The feminine napkin industry is a $100 Billion dollar industry, in comparison to the nutritional industry ($50 Billion) with over a thousand companies competing for that business; Winalite is in an industry where there is no competition. The babies and adult diapers will be here soon for another great share of the market.

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