Jon Pirincci is an actor, stand up comedian and producer who has been involved with a variety of television and film projects.He is a multi-talented individual that can lend himself to Comedy, Theatrical Roles, Hosting, Voice Over and many other areas of entertainment.

He first started his stand up comedy career in upstate New York over 15 years ago, performing in comedy clubs and colleges around the country. He was soon getting audience's and agents' attention by performing with such comedy stars as Jay Leno, Andrew "Dice" Clay and many nationally known comedians and recording artists from "The Late Show with David Letterman", HBO and Comedy Central.

His act has been taped for NBC's "Dateline" and had recently been involved with developing comedy segments for Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" , Comedy Central and David Letterman. He moved from Miami, Florida eleven years ago to Los Angeles to work on commercials,TV shows and independent feature film roles. He was also recently selected to work with Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce in a national American Express commercial and also represent The Holiday Inn in a national advertising campaign.

In October 2009 Jon produced and starred in a sitcom webisode series called Phonees(www.phonees.com) where he integrates brands and advertisers in the script. It has a starring cast and was written by Jon and one of the writers of Seinfeld.He will be working with some major corporations that will represent his production company First Impression Entertainment in that area.

In 2010 Jon launched his "First Impression" Webisodes on YouTube and you can view them at http://www.FirstImpressionVideo.com.  Jon teaches the ordinary person on the street how to do impressions.

Jon has launched his First Impression Party for companies who want to have him appear at their parties and events to create a special "First Impression" video of the employees attempting to learn impressions.