"Jordan & Jordan's  mission is to help educate consumers & entrepreneurs on effective methods to establish, improve and maintain both personal and business credit."

Jordan & Jordan is a team of Credit Experts that educates consumers on how to effectively utilize credit as leverage either in business or traditional financing uses.

We believe in continuous improvement, so our team regularly attends industry-related training on changes in the laws to offer our clients Optimal results.

Our team has an extensive knowledge working with the laws that are put in place to help consumers through dispute process. We provide Expert Dispute Services for consumers through FixThisCredit.com.

Nevertheless, we've utilized our experience and knowledge to develop an industry leading product to help entrepreneurs acquire credit, capital and cash to start, grow or maintain their business at MyFundingSuite.com

Jordan & Jordan provides outstanding client services, quality results and the most accurate, complete & reliable information while maintaing the values & mission of the company!