Sharqiyat Media

Sharqiyat Media Established in Amman, Jordan 1997 is a rapidly expanding company and service-first media enterprise whose mission is to inform, elevate, and challenge the national discourse. Sharqiyat Media's flagship publications “Sharqiyat” in Arabic, is one of the most influential social media outlets in Jordan and the region. Impacting over 750,00 people spanning the ranks of the female community, Sharqiyat Media is a unique institution in a dynamic arena.

Sharqiyat Media, a full Marcomm services, a “boutique” oriented at high-quality service for certain major clients with variegated and complex demands in marketing communications. Agency’s aim is to provide high class of professional services in respect to the realization of clients’ marketing strategies; develop unique and efficient communication programs based on accumulated practical experience and expertise of current market situation.