Jorin Limited is a UK instrumentation company, designing and manufacturing on-line particle analysis systems based on video imaging technologies.  Jorin’s aim is provide critical process data, enabling their users to optimise their process performance and realise their full potential.

Founded in 1998, Jorin has developed the process expertise that both drives developments in their instrument brands including ViPA, LaVA, InVA, and underpins their oilfield water management consultancy brand, Process Insight.

Jorin Limited has become the market leader in on-line water quality monitoring for the oil and gas sector and the company has delivered fixed and portable systems and support to an extensive customer base including most of the multinational, independent and national oil companies. The company also provides equipment and consultancy services to a wide range of engineering Design and manufacturing companies. Process Insight, our consultancy service, continues to grow offering both online water quality and a range of physical and chemical analyses on site.

Jorin continues to develop its products and services to ensure that we can provide customers with relevant real time information and data; this enables clients to make informed decisions on the operation and control of their process systems. Jorin's equipment and capabilities enable us to provide detailed information and assistance for most optically transparent fluid systems across a wide range of industries.