I provide nominal membership for the many services I employ; copy-editing, cover designing, ISBN assignment, consulting, philanthropy, grants, awards, and donations, and even product positioning. Succinctly I aim to find the best supply of services to meet your Marketing needs.  

I am acquisitioning a merchant account and administrator for my tax free contributions.  
You won't be as challenged to hear of my success from Amazon; I have changed my publishing name to The Chief Commandant's award for Literary Geniuses and I am krazy stuck on them for their ingenuity know how!

I have traveled to the boot of Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nurita, Malaysia, and considerably to parts in Mexico for the purpose of widening my experiences with people.  I am applying my Management principles to organize  dove tail projects for story book promotions.

My Business contains a subscriber IP address and many feeds on the topic of Books, Entrepreneurial ship, Quotes, Technology, and Travel.  I even was privileged to capture a network of book titles and author collections for many of your discussions received on the Amazon store website.  

As a sole proprietor I am more interested in sponsorship and sharing my services with the patrons of mid sized entities.  Thank you for providing me plenty of good humor.  I have paradoxically networked among the social mainstream for 25 years.      

Founded in 2013 we have identified the sector of author's that can benefit from web application suites, membership, author & editing tools, and promotional awards for those seeking to share their manuscripts.  We administrate a secure merchant account for others willing to share contributions which detail philanthropy and look for freelance artist to inspire.