Sekhar Research Innovations (SRI) is a Malaysian based clean technology R&D Company focused on providing both eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to the growing challenge of recycling tires and waste rubber products.  SRI was founded by the doyen of modern Rubber Technology, the late Tan Sri Dr. B.C. Sekhar.  Dr. Sekhar was responsible for modernizing Malaysia’s rubber industry, having spent 50 years in rubber and agricultural innovation.

SRI’s CEO, Gopinath B. Sekhar, started with the primary objective of developing a process that enables the complete ecological reuse of materials from scrap tires, including whole tire rubber, in the manufacture of premium rubber products like new and retread tires. From the outset, Mr. Sekhar understood that in order for a devulcanization process to be accepted and commercialized, it must meet the rubber industry’s needs both commercially and technically. This goal has driven SRI to develop towards viability in terms of batch size and cure times while maintaining compatibility with existing machinery, infrastructure and process flow.

SRI is currently using its advanced technologies to produce next generation rubber recycling solutions. These include custom compounds, processing aids and advanced state-of-the-art equipment for the global market. It is delivering these innovations through its own operations, strategic partners and licensees globally.

To date the Company has developed cutting edge solutions in elastomeric recycling technologies. These offer a sustainable and superior alternative to current rubber recycling solutions (used in low-end applications) that are expensive, highly polluting, energy intensive.

SRI’s solutions are eco-friendly; capable of high batch volumes; industry compatible; energy efficient and extremely cost effective. Tire and rubber manufacturers enjoy substantial costs savings and sustainability in their end products while maintaining the high quality and performance they require – without changing existing process or equipment.

Moving forward, SRI is currently collaborating with leading tire manufacturers around the world for the application and use of SRI Compound in manufacturing processes. The Company was awarded the 2010 Asia Pacific Technology Innovation Award for Tire Recycling Technology by Frost & Sullivan.