Joyful Machines exists to produce useful and fun technology for all. Its first 2-3 years will focus on typing solutions for a variety of devices (phone, tablet, watch), and then the company will expand out to other technology solutions.

Joyful Machines was founded by Ian Hanson (CEO) and Paul Peloquin (CTO) in April 2016. It is different from other technology companies because it seeks to provide technology-based solutions for a wide range of products. This means that any series of gadgets, appliances, and hardware are under Joyful Machines' scrutiny as a place of possible improvement.

Joyful Machines' first product is Modality, a typing system based on easy-to-learn letter groupings. Modality is small enough to fit on the Samsung Gear S3 watch and easy enough to use with an iPad. Its second product is Bling Bling Animated keyboard, a typing solution that features the Q-shift (the Q in the bottom row instead of the top for wider letters) as well as animations behind the typing field.

The company will work on 4-5 typing solutions over the next 2-3 years, and then it will turn its attention to other technology-based solutions that will make life both easier and fun.