J.P. Ostermen is an author, playright, blogger and educator.

My career includes extensive writing with 5 published novels in three genres,  a scientific treatise which formulates a theory connecting two scientific worlds that don't talk to each other. Indeed, Dimension Mind posits a melding of psychology, string theory and quantum mechanics that could hold the answers to achieving personal well-being, wholeness and explain the human mind.  But my first love as a writer is Science Fiction - the genre that allows me to combine my scientific interests with interesting fiction.

I graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in English (emphasis Writing), an MA in Education from Azusa Pacific University and taught high school English and writing for 8 years in Southern California.  I also have attended Texas State studying graduate psychology.   I won the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award at the seminal Maui Writer’s Conference (the first and ONLY Sci-Fi book to win the award), and First Place at the Southern California Writer’s conference for my one-act play, The Man Next to Me.

For eight years, I taught English at public schools in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles.  The El Monte Union school district honored me with an Outstanding Teacher award for my writing student’s literary prizes including - 1st thru 4th place – 4 years in a row in the 3 million student Los Angeles County competition.