RMANNCO specializes in collaborating with clients to assist in reformulating products, improve production methods, reduce product costs and improve product quality through 'value-added' microencapsulation methods.  RMANNCO's capabilities include production of:

● Microspheres and nanoparticles made from customer-specified/supplied materials
● Creation of customer-desired matrixes leading to novel IP formulations/patents
● Encapsulation of exotic gasses (SF3, etc.) with creation of controlled-release matrixes
● Encapsulation of dyes, pigments, oils, furans, terpines and esters
● Surface functionalization, coating, conjugation or other specification
● Selection of size and size distribution to customer specified parameters
● Mobile Pilot Plant capability at customer's facility
● Unlimited production capability in US and abroad
● Experimental runs from 1oz. to 500 kilo's (contact RMANNCO for pricing for initial study.  Some studies and samples provided as a complimentary service to new clients).
● Live cell encapsulation