What is the UR Artists Division at ursupermodels.com?

Image, Performance, and Production Artists, feed the need not only for models at UR SuperModels, but also those needing professional or emerging artists- a boutique "hands-on" developing, branding, and management portal allows talent and clients to not only be safely successful, but create a revolving relationship. The fashion, advertising, event production, and publishing industries filter everything business, one way or another- worldwide! All of these realms can benefit from UR Artists, UR SuperModels, even Asha Spacek the artistic director, for better branding, imaging, company and consumer profit and reward. Since the term, "branding" only came on the scene in recent years, sometimes even artists or models can't see the company's "long term" approach, however, those that have, continue to refer, merge, and watch closely of the company's founder and artistic director- realizing her passion is the force behind the ever changing and growing entity.

Image artists? range from designers, hair, makeup, wardrobe, and image stylists
Performance artists? derive from dancers, musicians, fashion and event photographers Production artists? including, but not limited to ad campaign and fashion producers, creative directors, stylists, videographers, graphic artists, and more...!

UR Artists Artistic Director is Asha Spacek, the founder of UR SUPERMODELS, a division of UR FEW MEDIA, LLC.- focusing not only on models and their gigs, BUT branding models and the talent that feed their need: incl but not limited to: businesses, non-profits, artists, advertisers, high profile individuals, media personalities, and so on. Finding models that understand this is a business can be challenging, and keeping new clients captivated can be exhausting, but everyone that learns Asha, knows she is passionate, committed, honest, and hard working. Red Carpet Concierge of Chicago even created the title, "It Happens With Asha," after learning her short and long term goals for the industry, her process for client retention and innovative fashion/business expertise; especially someone so young.

UR Artists accepts [and have been invited by] freelancers, organizations/businesses, and non-profits willing to be developed, benefit, and marketed under the company division.

The UR Artists at ursupermodels.com Division provides emerging to pro artists, in traditional, and non-traditional model and artist management. Developing and showcasing the portfolios of artists is just the beginning! Being one of the first local companies to "highlight" and not 'hide' the fact they are a boutique management firm, suddenly became very attractive to not only UR's talent, but to their clients.

As both the booking of models AND artists, became a "get it done," "hands-on," experience, word spread quickly [even to UR's competitors] that not only could they save their clients and artists time and money, but that the UR SuperModels structural concept could be easily adjusted to accommodate the ever changing needs of the fashion and business industry. With flexibility, reliability, and the convenience of being mobile- with or without notice- UR Artists directors know the schedules, skill level, and personalities of each UR Artists, allowing for tailored talent development, innovative branding, and client booking.

The works of UR Artists can be seen in published magazines, commercials, fashion shows, celebrity news, blogs, books, red carpet events, pro athletes, tv personalities, designer websites and look-books, news segments, pilots, and conceptual print works. Developing an underground reputation for being innovative, trend setting, and even mimicked by bigger companies, the UR Artists Division, UR SuperModels (division for model management), as well as Asha are looking to do more "obvious" branding for 2012. They will dust off some old "hat tricks," and pending partnerships.

In addition to developing the expertise, portfolios, and branding opportunities for in-house artists and models- as lead artist in specific areas, Asha is subject to availability as: image, wardrobe and fashion stylist, ad campaign, editorial & video creative director, fashion show producer/director, fashion correspondent, image consultant, art director, writer, guest speaker (esp women, youth), blogger, volunteer, and instructor. She is willing to travel for expenses paid opportunities.

All artists may be requested or submit by emailing: artists@ursupermodels.com OR by calling: 1-310-UR-IMAGE. Messaging when onset: 773.315.9344

-mobile management and consulting

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