Everyone has a motivation and a direction in life; some find it as adults while others discover it early in their lives.  For Janna Doughty, owner of Jspired Art it was the later.  She has found art as a way to put her thoughts and the images from her head on canvas.    It was in the second grade when she realized that this wasn’t just fun, it was a calling.  A pen and ink drawing of cats that she created in art class was included into a county art contest, and after a first place ribbon and a boast of confidence, her love of art was cemented.   As her art evolved over the years, simple pen and ink art evolved into murals such as the one that still adorns the wall of her grandmother’s house.  From there her art turned public as she received numerous mural jobs including jobs in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Carolina.  
Years later she received her greatest gifts, and soon they would become her greatest motivations.  She put the brush away for nearly 15 years, instead finding herself in a life with crayons and coloring books watching Shrek movies as she raised her two wonderful sons.  It was a blessing inside of a blessing, as those moments opened her eyes to a world that would later inspire her to be better than she ever thought she could be.
Fifteen years later, it was the guts she had to pick back up the brush that defined the artist she would become.  She created Jspired Art; an intimate vision and expression of her emotions put to canvas. She creates to inspire others to laugh, to smile, to cry and to bring back memories of previous days.  Known for her bright colors and mixed application methods, she creates unique pieces inspired by the everyday world.  It’s her amazing vision and her ability to express that through her brush; that has quickly vaulted Jspired Art and renowned artist Janna Doughty into a much awaited public spotlight.
Janna has watched her talent and popularity take off after her pieces were selected as finalists for the Tampa Bay Call to Artists.  She has displayed a piece in the Amalie Arena, home to the Tampa Bay Lightning professional hockey team.  17 separate paintings have been sold in 2014 with numerous commissioned jobs set for 2015.  As an up and coming artist, she’s appeared in a number of local and international art exhibits including the mobile tour of the Brooklyn Art Libraries Sketchbook Project.  She has multiple pieces displayed in local businesses and homes including 3 pieces at City Pizza, a popular local pizzeria.
Today Jspired Art is a full production art studio creating both original pieces available for sale and commission pieces.  With typically 3-4 projects working at any time, Jspired Art continues to expand its reach and clientele.   Whether it’s a simple 12x12 portrait piece or an oversized gallery framed masterpiece, Jspired Art is ready to make your dream and vision a living artistic creation.  As Janna puts it; painting is all about mistakes and expressing emotions through color choices, the end result is the beautiful mistakes you keep.