JST Wellness Management offers services through three different program options.
Our Sit2BFit program is a web and app-based fitness format that reaches people where they spend the bulk of their time, in chairs, on mobile devices or on the computer. The Sit2BFit program design supports successful implementation and advancement opportunities for participants who have otherwise failed due to unrealistic goals and expectations set in place when beginning a fitness program. With Sit2BFit we are able reach beyond the typical brick & mortar gym structures that have made consumers feel abandoned in their efforts to attain a better health and wellness outlook on life.  
For organizations of all sizes we offer Lunch & Learn seminars and workshop. The workshops and seminars create a setting for employees to learn about why getting physical activity to improve their health is so important. This offering also gives JST Wellness Management a chance to interactively get employee buy in through participation. The Lunch & Learn program is a great promotional tool that gives employers an opportunity to engage participation as well as incentivize their workplace wellness programs.
JST FIT is our third program and through this option we are able to offer cardiovascular and strength development classes for various groups. Our group offerings include popular formats such as Zumba,  Zumba Gold and Sit2BFit (for seniors), kickboxing, strength training, boot-camps, yoga, aerial yoga, TRX, and more. We are also able to offer personal training options for individual clients along with small group sessions. The JST FIT portion of our program covers those groups that need consistent physical interaction as well as those that want online workout options that can be accessed conveniently.