jTask, Inc. specializes in providing Organizational Change Management (OCM) products and services to companies that are installing or upgrading ERP applications to operate their businesses. All jTask consultants have extensive experience in Organizational Change Management as well as practical experience of ERP installations and upgrades. jTask supports the standards developed by the Project Management Institute and encourages all its staff to become qualified.

How We Work

jTask works up front with customers to assemble the right Action Programs into plans that support their SAP or ERP implementation. Each Action Program has pre-defined objectives, processes and deliverables. We then align the selected Action Programs with the project timeline, implement the individual programs and manage the results. Defining the right mix of Action Programs is the foundation of a successful ERP or SAP implementation organizational change management program.
OCM Communication Action Programs

Communications consultants create, get approval on and disseminate ERP or SAP project communications that inform team members and stakeholders of project status, training schedules and other critical project communications. These communications are directed at both internal project team resources and external stakeholder groups. A well thought out project level communications channel provides significant asset to the Project Management Office.

OCM End-user Training Action Programs

Before creating any course materials for an SAP or ERP implementation, jTask consultants complete a rapid Analysis and thorough Design phase culminating with signed-off course descriptions before moving onto Development and Implementation.

OCM Change Action Programs

Stakeholder turnover is a given during any ERP or SAP implementation. Managing Stakeholder Lists is critical for the success of the communications and training teams. In order to efficiently get information to the proper stakeholders - End-users, Key Stakeholders, the Core team or only the extended Test team - you need to have a system to manage the information. jTask provides tools for tracking these lists: jSTAS (Security and Training Assignment) and jSTAR (Stakeholder Management and Registry).

Tools and Software to Accelerate OCM Processes

Efficiency and speed are key requirements for an ERP OCM project. jTask has designed and developed Pulse to provide increased  efficiency and management to OCM projects in the areas of end-user role mapping, training material development and stakeholder management.


The Map module helps jTask customers to improve the quality and reduce the cost of ERP role mapping and reporting.


The Train module helps ERP implementation customers to improve the consistency and speed of training development.


The Communicate module helps jTask customers manage the project Stakeholder Register and communication plan to ensure a well informed organization.