After eleven years of dedicated and unwavering research and labor, Dr. Lawrence T. Vosen, Ph.D., President and founder of the Vosen Family Foundation, has announced the completion and availability of the latest translation of Scripture: The Exalted Name Bible™ (ENB).

In 2002, while attempting to explain the existence of “The Trinity”, Dr. Vosen’s research of Scripture uncovered an anomaly in Psalm 68, which ultimately led him on a truth-defining quest in search of the full name of the God of Scripture.  In the course of his search, Dr. Vosen identified a vast number of basic name changes, which were made during the Babylonian Captivity to protect from blaspheme the Hebrew Name of Israel’s God.  Following an extensive search, Dr. Vosen discovered the key needed to repair those basic word changes.  At the same time though, Dr. Vosen also unearthed changes made to The Holy Bible during the time of Constantine, while the current Bible was assembled, and in repairing those alterations, Dr. Vosen has found that The Holy Spirit inspired Word of God explains The Trinity quite powerfully, through the very words used within the Bible.  Through the proper interpretation of only two words, Scripture clearly teaches The Trinity from Genesis to Revelation.

In restoring each of the basic name and word changes back to their originally inspired entries; Dr. Vosen has reinstated over twelve thousand names and words back into Scripture (both within the Old Covenant and the New Covenant).  The completely reinstated version of The Holy Bible can now be found only within the pages of The Exalted Name Bible™.

The Exalted Name Bible™ is available for viewing online at www.exaltednamebible.com, where Dr. Vosen spends considerable time detailing and defining the evidences and proofs of every correction made to the Holy Word.  Additionally, The Exalted Name Bible™ is available in Audible Book format through audible.com ($29.95), as well as in eBook format through Kindle and Nook ($9.95).  Links to audible.com, Kindle and Nook are also available at the www.exaltednamebible.com website.

In the introductory page of the website, Dr. Vosen comments on the experience of reading the fullness of Scripture today through The Exalted Name Bible™, and simply states that The ENB, “Brings a unique fullness of life” to the inspired Word.  Stating matters in a different way, Dr. Vosen has also said that, “Reading the Bible will never be the same once the pages of The Exalted Name Bible are read.  The very Word of God jumps off the page and into your heart; and the full expectation of every believer will be met once The Exalted Name is faithfully and fervently instilled within our hearts, minds and prayers.”